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TOUGH R™ Features


DUAL MOA with synergistic HPPD chemistry

CONVENIENT mixture of two AIs in one bottle (less handling, storage, disposal)

RESIDUAL control

EXCELLENT EFFICACY on resistant weeds with no known resistance

Convenient Control For Resistant Weeds

Combining two modes of action in an innovative, patent-pending herbicide mixture, TOUGH R® provides enhanced residual control across a broad spectrum of weeds. With no known resistance and proven results in field trials since 2019, this synergistic HPPD chemistry is especially effective against tough-to-kill broadleaf weeds like Waterhemp, Pigweeds, Palmer Amaranth and Kochia – even herbicide-resistant strains.

TOUGH R is a unique and winning combination of active ingredients pyridate and mesotrione into one bottle, creating the convenience of reduced container disposal, handling, and storage.

Adding TOUGH R to your integrated weed management program can also help to combat weed resistance. This leads to a higher quality crop today and a reduction in the weed seed bank in the future.

Currently approved for use on corn. Contact your Belchim USA representative for more information.

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