TOUGH® 5EC Features


CONTACT herbicide

FAST-ACTING (7-10 days)

SAFE (will not cause injury to mint)

NO Plant Back Restrictions

EXCELLENT EFFICACY on difficult-to-control, actively growing broadleaf weeds

Controls Tough-To-Kill Broadleaf Weeds

Currently approved for Section 18 emergency use in double-cut mint in Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin, TOUGH 5EC is a selective herbicide with an underutilized mode of action for post-emergence control of actively growing broadleaf weeds. With a wide window of application, from 2-8 leaf stage, this pyridate-based product is a contact herbicide that works across a broad spectrum of weeds.

TOUGH 5EC is especially effective on Kochia, Pigweeds, Palmer Amaranth, Waterhemp, Common Lambsquarters, Black Nightshades and Marestail. It is even effective on strains resistant to other more-commonly used herbicides.

Please note this product is pending full EPA registration for use on mint, corn, chickpeas and peanuts.